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Embark on a Majestic Journey

Embark on a Majestic Journey

Horseback Adventure in South Africa

Pursuing one's passion and living out a dream is something few people get the opportunity to do. But for Ann Sophia, the dream of riding through the beautiful landscapes of Africa became a reality. In our recent interview with Ann Sophia, we learned about her deep love for horses and the incredible journey that led her to the majestic country of South Africa.

Childhood Beginning in the Saddle

Ann Sophia shared with us that her relationship with riding began as early as her first steps. Her grandparents got a pony named Buller, and it was on this small pony that Ann Sophia first sat at the tender age of 3-4. Since then, horses have always been a part of her life.

Exploring the Beauty of Denmark on Horseback to the Dream of Africa

For the past four years, Ann Sophia and her childhood friend, Anna, have spent their time traveling around Denmark. They made a pact to embark on an annual horseback riding adventure in Denmark, exploring places like Als, Langeland, and Thy National Park. These trips were filled with beauty and adventure, but it was an event that changed everything.

One fateful day, Ann Sophia saw a video on Facebook documenting a horseback riding journey through the breathtaking landscapes of Africa. This video sparked something within her, and she knew that she and Anna had to turn this dream into a reality. Both of them were approaching 40, and it was now or never. The horseback adventure in Africa represented not only an opportunity to explore a new world but also a symbol of celebrating friendship and life itself. Ann Sophia and Anna left Denmark and embarked on an epic journey through the wilds of Africa, riding side by side in the beautiful landscapes.

A Day in the Life on Safari

A typical day during their seven-day adventure in South Africa was far from a leisurely vacation. Ann Sophia shared that the days began early, with breakfast being served at 7:30 a.m. The group was divided into teams and rode together for approximately three hours. The horses were free to roam but would consistently return to the lodge where they were based. After their morning ride, they either returned to the lodge they called home or dismounted at a different location.

Lunch provided a brief respite, and if they were back at the lodge, guests had the option to indulge in a relaxing massage. Otherwise, they could spend some downtime by the pool. The afternoon session of riding commenced at 3 p.m., lasting for another 3-4 hours. This ride often took them to different areas within the reserve, where they witnessed breathtaking sunsets while enjoying drinks and snacks, marking the end of another remarkable day on safari.

Ann Sophia's journey through South Africa was not just an adventure; it was an immersion in the wild beauty of the African landscape, a chance to connect with wildlife, and a testament to the allure of the African wilderness. Her experiences serve as an inspiration to those who yearn for unforgettable encounters with nature and a deeper understanding of the world's wild wonders.


A Remarkable Encounter with Wildlife

When asked about the most unforgettable experience from her trip, Ann Sophia recounted a magical encounter. On the last day of their adventure, her group came face to face with a lone giraffe. Four riders, including Ann Sophia, were fortunate enough to share a special moment with the majestic creature. For over four minutes, the giraffe walked among them, gracefully weaving its way through the bushes, creating a lasting memory that would stay with them forever.

Swimming with Horses

Further, during their stay at a single lodge, Ann Sophia and her companions were lucky to enjoy an extraordinary wildlife encounter. They had the unique opportunity to swim with their horses in deep waters. The experience allowed them to feel the horses moving gracefully through the water, adding a whole new level of magic to their adventure. 

A Journey Beyond Expectations

In the end, Ann Sophia's adventure in South Africa turned out to be less risky than it might have seemed. It was a journey that celebrated the beauty of the African wilderness and the importance of protecting its wildlife. Her story is an inspiration for those who want to explore and preserve our planet's incredible natural wonders. Ann Sophia's experiences serve as a testament to the thrilling beauty of the African landscape and the importance of safeguarding its remarkable inhabitants for generations to come.


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