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Star Yati Pants - No Grip, Black

€69,97 Regular price €99,95


Our standard-shaped high waist pants with side pockets but no silicone grip.

Montar Yati: These pants are crafted from our incredible Yati fabric, offering an exceptional blend of flexibility and durability. With 360-degree support, the pants smoothly adapt to your body's shape while retaining their form and longevity.

Functional Freedom of Movement: These pants are more than just stylish. They are also breathable, water-resistant, and stain-resistant, thanks to our Yati material, making them an ideal choice for various weather conditions and terrains. The Lycra stretch fabric at the ankles ensures a snug and comfortable fit. Our Yati material not only delivers a premium look but also provides maximum comfort and freedom of movement.

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Star Yati Pants - No Grip, Black

€69,97 Regular price €99,95

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