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About Us

When function and fashion unite.

At Montar, we take pride in creating a symbiosis of functionality and trendy designs for every unique style out there. That means we supply equipment to quality-conscious riders who are not accustomed to compromise. At Montar we think alike - we do not compromise. We follow the latest trends in the world of fashion and innovation and are constantly renewing our collections so you can find your personal style. Therefore, our products are always made of the highest quality, in different colors and in trendy styles.

We are aware about the requirements of active riders and the equipment. Therefore we are constantly renewing our products to meet your demands.

– function

We work with a number of hand-picked suppliers who produce our products to our own strict quality standards. This has resulted in manufacturing our own fabrics such as our Montar Yati in over 12 years for our breeches, and MonTech for our tops. You can read more about our materials here. You can always expect to get a bit more when you choose Montar.

– fashion

We try to make it easier for you to express your own personal and unique style. We follow the latest trends in the world of fashion and are constantly renewing our collections to offer you a variety of colors and styles. Even if you are into a more sporty, classic or a mixed look. Feel free to express your personal style, no matter what.

Find and show your unique style and don’t compromise!

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