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Sky Tights - No Grip, Grey

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Our Sky tights are designed for riders in search of comfortable and flexible riding tights without silicone grip. These tights offer you the ultimate freedom of movement and comfort while being tailored to meet your needs in the stable.

  • Lightweight and Comfortable: The Sky tights are incredibly lightweight and comfortable to wear. They feel like a second skin.
  • Excellent Fit: Designed with a focus on fit, they provide a snug but not tight feel. You have full freedom of movement, allowing you to focus on your riding or work without restrictions.
  • Elastic and Strong Waistband: The tights feature an elastic waistband that offers a comfortable and secure fit without pinching.
  • Minimalist Design: Sky tights boast a minimalist design that prioritizes comfort and functionality without unnecessary details.
  • Sky tights without silicone grip are the ideal choice if you seek comfort and freedom of movement without extra grip in the saddle or stable. They are created to follow your movements and provide you with the optimal experience.

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Sky Tights - No Grip, Grey

€55,97 Regular price €79,95

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