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Conture Contrast Deluxe Noseband - Brown

€83,30 Regular price €119,00


Conture Contrast Deluxe noseband in round leather, with a removable nose strap and holder.

Organic Leather: Our leather undergoes a tanning process that uses plant enzymes and no chemicals like chrome. This involves the use of oils and extracts from various parts of plants, such as bark, branches, roots, and seeds. These plant components contain tannic acid, an acid that acts as a moisturizer during the vegetable tanning process. The method allows up to 80% of the acid to be absorbed into the leather, resulting in excess material that is completely biodegradable. Vegetable-tanned leather is known for its durability compared to chemically tanned-leather. Organic-tanned leather has a lower risk of causing skin irritation or allergic reactions.

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Conture Contrast Deluxe Noseband - Brown

€83,30 Regular price €119,00

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